Week of Giving 2022: Help us create a Southeast Asian American leadership pipeline

Last year, I had the eye-opening, hands-on experience of working as the Communications Intern for SEARAC. 

Thanks to your support, I worked on powerful projects like SEARAC’s video PSA series on Southeast Asian American deportation, uplifting the important stories of SEAA community members who have been impacted by our country’s harmful criminal-legal system. Hearing the stories of Ge and Vang, a father and son whose family bears the heavy burden of a deportation order, reminded me that our work must be intergenerational. It has been a true privilege to be able to engage with this project alongside such a thoughtful team and community.


Because of you, I took away a life lesson from my time at SEARAC: social justice work is empowering. At SEARAC, I saw an environment where we upheld justice-related values both externally in our advocacy and internally within our staff. My supervisors prioritized my wellness, whether I was learning professional skills or how policies impact SEAA communities.

Your donations invest in an environment where interns are not only encouraged to take meaningful breaks but are also seen and heard. As a young SEAA advocacy worker who constantly receives so many messages about struggling or grinding through my career, this uplifting experience helps me re-envision a world where our dignity at work thrives with our passion for our work.


Thank you for being part of my professional journey.

In partnership,


Anna Dang
Atlanta, GA