Our Team

Staff Members

Quyen Dinh

Executive Director

Quyen is the Executive Director of the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC). Originally formed in 1979, SEARAC was founded by a group of American humanitarians… Read more

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Anna Byon

Education Policy Manager

Anna leads SEARAC’s education policy analysis, advocacy, community engagement, organizing, and coalition building efforts as the Education Policy Manager Anna aspires to be a public servant… Read more

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Sally Ching

California Policy Manager

Sally is the California Policy Manager, leading SEARAC’s state-level advocacy activities through policy analysis, coalition building, community engagement, and organizing. In this role, she aims… Read more

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Mandy Diec

Director of California

Mandy is the Director of California, leading and coordinating SEARAC’s policies and programs at the state level. SEARAC’s advocacy efforts in California focus on amplifying… Read more

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Katrina Dizon Mariategue

Deputy Director of Policy and Field (Acting Executive Director)

Katrina currently serves as the Deputy Director of Policy and Field, overseeing SEARAC’s programmatic work to ensure alignment and coordination among their policy and advocacy, leadership… Read more

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Gina Le

Field Associate

Gina is SEARAC’s Field Associate. She is in charge of executing SEARAC’s major leadership and community engagement programs, ranging from the annual Leadership and Advocacy… Read more

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Kham S. Moua

Director of National Policy

Kham S. Moua spearheads SEARAC’s policy portfolio through policy analysis, community engagement, and legislative and regulatory advocacy. He also serves as co-chair of the National Council… Read more

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Nary Rath

Immigration Policy Advocate

Nary is the Immigration Policy Advocate, she monitors immigration policies impacting the Southeast Asian community and manages immigration specific programs and convenings. She advances SEARAC’s… Read more

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Sina Sam

Partnership Manager

With over a decade of community organizing and campaign advocacy experience in the Cambodian American community, and reproductive and environmental justice movements, Sina leads the… Read more

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Phoebe Tran

Operations Manager

Phoebe handles SEARAC’s operations and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Prior to joining the team, she honed her logistic and administrative skillset by overseeing the front desks… Read more

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Alyssa Tulabut

Senior Field Manager

Alyssa manages campaigns, assists in community-wide education initiatives, and serves as the programming lead for SEARAC’s trainings, conferences, and convenings. Prior to this role, she served as… Read more

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Elaine Sanchez Wilson

Director of Communications and Development

Elaine leads SEARAC’s communications and development. Her portfolio includes a wide variety of editorial and academic consulting work, including revising and authoring chapters in graduate-level… Read more

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