SEARAC in the News


AAPI leaders praise order on discrimination but say Biden needs to do more to “prioritize” community (1/26/2021, Axios)

Immigration reform bill could allow Southeast Asian American deportees to return (1/27/2021, NBC News)

Queens lawmaker calls for government to translate COVID-19 materials into multiple languages (2/23/2021, QNS)

N.Y., Calif. lawmakers promise resources, protection in wake of attacks on Asian seniors (2/23/2021, NBC News)

Tackling the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Soaring Across America (2/25/2021, The Crime Report)

Ignoring The History Of Anti-Asian Racism Is Another Form Of Violence (3/1/2021, ELLE)

Congress must act to pass a fully inclusive immigration bill (3/2/2021, Asian American Press)

Asian American Activists Like Biden’s Change in Tone Amid Wave of Violence—but Want Action (3/8/2021, The Daily Beast)

ICE just deported a plane full of Vietnamese immigrants while no one was looking (3/17/2021, The American Independent)

Latest ethnic studies plan sets the right tone for the future (3/17/2021, CalMatters)

Why hate crime data can’t capture the true scope of anti-Asian violence (3/17/2021 , CNN)

How you can support Asian American communities right now (3/17/2021, Nylon)

Puget Sound groups come together to help end violence targeting Asian Americans (3/19/2021, KOMO News)

Organizations to Support in the Fight Against Asian Hate Harper’s (3/22/2021, Bazaar)

Civil Rights groups’ solidarity statement on hate crimes against Asian community (3/23/2021, Asian American Press)

Deporting Asian refugees, activists say, is anti-Asian violence – and removals are up (3/27/2021, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Still reeling from Trump-era policies, groups demand Biden address deportation, refugees (3/29/2021, NBC News)

Asian American groups fighting for immigration reform decry ‘no transparency under Biden’ (3/29/2021, Yahoo News)

After Atlanta-area attacks, Asian communities reckon with mental health crises (3/31/2021, LA Times)

Còn nhiều người chần chừ không chích ngừa COVID-19 (4/2/2021, Nguoi Viet Daily News)

Mainstream media fell short in Atlanta shooting coverage, activists say (4/5/2021, USC Center for Health Journalism)

45 years later, Southeast Asian Americans face uphill battle in mental health care (4/16/2021, The Yappie)

Limited English Skills Can Mean Limited Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine (4/30/2021, Slate)

No excuses: COVID-19 data must separate out Hmong American cases (5/3/2021, MinnPost)

Mental health programs often fail at meeting Southeast Asian American needs (5/4/2021, Prism)

The inadequacy of the term “Asian American” (5/5/2021, Vox)

We speak about Asian Americans as a single block. Here’s how incredibly complex they are (5/6/2021, CNN)

3 Lessons We Can All Learn from AAPI Entrepreneurs (6/2/2021, Inc.)

Rally at state capitol aimed at stopping deportation of Vietnamese war refugee (6/2/2021, Sacramento News & Review)

Advocacy Groups Gather At Capitol To Protest Deportation Of Vietnamese Refugee (6/4/2021, Capital Public Radio)

Advocates rally for Vietnamese refugee in Oakland poised to be deported by ICE (6/4/2021, KTVU)

The Southeast Asian Immigrant Experience: SEARAC (7/14/2021, Latina Republic)

I Am A (Southeast) Asian American Woman (7/14/2021, Reappropriate)

Hmong Americans are often obscured by model minority myth. Why Suni Lee’s win means so much. (7/30/2021, NBC News)

A Vietnamese Man’s Life in US Transformed But on Hold (8/8/2021, Voice of America)

Biden and Harris meet with AAPI leaders, discuss new messaging around COVID-19, among other issues (8/8/2021, AL DÍA)

Refugee who fought fires in California prison ordered deported to a country he’s never been to (8/10/2021, SF Chronicle)

Vietnamese American refugees who witnessed fall of Saigon urge U.S. to accept more Afghans (8/18/2021, NBC News)

Exploring The Parallels Between The Southeast Asian Refugee Crisis And The Current Situation In Afghanistan (8/26/2021, WUWM)

There’s a way to resettle Afghan refugees in the U.S. if we have the will (8/27/2021, Prism)

As Afghan refugees arrive in the U.S., Southeast Asian American advocates urge more support (9/3/2021, PBS NewsHour)

‘We were them:’ Vietnamese Americans help Afghan refugees (9/20/2021, Associated Press)



ICE deported 25 Cambodian immigrants, most of whom arrived in the U.S. as refugees (1/17/2020, NBC News)

What you need to know about Trump’s plan to deport Hmong, Lao immigrants (2/11/2020, Sahan Journal/MPR News)

U.S. funding reintegration program in Laos for Laotian and Hmong refugees (2/3/2020, NBC News)

Largest U.S. refugee group struggling with poverty 45 years after resettlement (3/4/2020, NBC News)

How Southeast Asian American refugees helped shape America’s resettlement system (4/20/2020, NBC News)

Decades after resettlement, Cambodian refugees vulnerable to prison-to-deportation pipeline (4/27/2020, NBC News)

Coronavirus Is Hitting Long Beach’s Cambodian Community. But How Hard? (5/14/2020, LAist)

This Researcher Says Colleges Should Stop Lumping All Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Into Broad Categories (5/28/2020, Chronicle of Higher Education)

The Asian American Reply to Pandemic-Era Racism Must Be Cross-Racial Solidarity (5/31/2020, Truthout)

The Hmong American community, power, privilege and a place in Asian America (6/8/2020, NBC News)

George Floyd death: ‘The same happened to my son’ (6/15/2020, BBC News)

As the 2020 US election ramps up, experts assess the Asian American electorate (8/19/2020, Asian Journal)

Asian-Americans divided on Yale affirmative action case (8/20/2020, South China Morning Post)

Tony Pham, new interim ICE director and Vietnamese refugee, draws criticism from Asian groups (8/28/2020, NBC News)

Asian-American Advocates Criticize Appointment of ICE Interim Chief, a Former Vietnamese Refugee: ‘We Don’t Feel Optimistic’ (8/29/2020, Newsweek)

Critics fear NYPD Asian hate crime task force could have unintended consequences (9/2/2020, NBC News)

‘Money and power.’ Coast groups fight to count every Mississippian for US Census (9/16/2020, Biloxi Sun Herald)

The U.S. Immigration System’s History of Reproductive Control (10/1/2020, Ms. Magazine)