We empower communities for change.

SEARAC is committed to building the power of Southeast Asian American communities to fight for their own self-determination and well-being. We support civically engaged communities anchored by healthy community-based organizations.

Leadership and Advocacy Training

Over the last 19 years, SEARAC has trained more than 1,000 Southeast Asian American students, leaders, and allies from over 40 states on how to harness the power of their own personal journeys to inspire communities and to engage elected officials to action. After graduating from our Leadership and Advocacy Training (LAT) program, our alumni go on to work across the country as advocates, organizers, service providers, and local policymakers to represent and empower local Southeast Asian American communities.


Leadership, Empowerment, & Advocacy Fellowship

In 2015, we launched our Leadership, Empowerment, & Advocacy Fellowship (LEAF) for advanced community advocates. Since then, our LEAF program has shifted to meet three objectives: to connect with others in order to feel less isolated, to acknowledge and heal from the burnout that often accompanies the fight for social justice, and to strategize on national issues affecting the Southeast Asian American community.


Equity Summit

Our inaugural Equity Summit in 2017 convened more than 100 of the best and brightest strategic thinkers, trailblazers, community leaders, and emerging advocates from diverse Cambodian, Hmong, Lao, and Vietnamese American communities across the nation in DC. In October 2019, Equity Summit will take place in Sacramento to inspire, connect, heal, and strengthen participants to build on and shape the growing national Southeast Asian American movement. The summit will feature three days of programming, including plenaries spotlighting inspirational community speakers, and community-designed and led workshops vetted through a request for proposals process.


Community Calls

To connect directly with our base of community partners, advocates, and allies, SEARAC hosts regular community calls as part of our “Keeping Our Communities Informed” webinar series, when SEARAC staffers provide updates on our national policy priorities and campaigns. The webinars foster community engagement, with attendees taking part in real-time polls and getting the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions.