SEARAC is building community power for generations to come

Dear SEARAC supporter,

Since finishing my summer internship with SEARAC in July, I’ve moved back to Seattle to start a graduate program in social work at the University of Washington. The skills that I developed during my time at SEARAC have helped me thrive not just academically, but also in my community. 

Alexis (left) with fellow SEARAC Summer Interns Jewelry and Sou (photo by Les Talusan)

When not diving into my studies or working at my new internship with my local fire department, I have been volunteering with Southeast Asian American-led organizations here in Washington State, like the United Communities of Laos and the Khmu National Federation. Whether I’m writing grants for them to receive much-needed funding for their work or increasing access to health resources for community members, the lessons I learned during my SEARAC internship are supporting me – and my community – long after my internship wrapped.

Your generous donation during our Week of Giving supports leadership development programming at SEARAC, such as paid summer internships and SEARAC’s Leadership and Advocacy Training. As a participant in both, I developed the confidence to tell my story, whether to my peers, my community leaders, or my elected officials. My time at SEARAC broke down generational barriers and uplifted the next generation’s voice. I now feel empowered to tell my story and to give back to my community.


An investment in SEARAC doesn’t just impact this current moment – it is an investment in the future of Southeast Asian Americans. I admire how SEARAC as an organization has adapted over the years to meet the emerging needs of our communities, from the urgency of resettlement to the power building needed now to support our civic engagement and leadership development. Today is the last day of SEARAC’s Week of Giving, and I hope you will join me in making a donation to support SEARAC’s work today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.


Alexis Friedman, SEARAC 2023 Summer Development Intern


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