Change starts internally before it can be advocated externally

Dec. 31 is the last day to donate to SEARAC in 2023

Dear SEARAC supporter,

This past year, I reached my five-year anniversary of working full-time at SEARAC and was granted the opportunity to take a 10-week paid sabbatical, one of the many benefits offered to SEARAC staff. 

To be able to take more than two months off of work – to spend time with my family, to travel, to pursue personal projects that I just never seemed to have time for during my normal working life – is a blessing AND a necessity. As SEARAC advocates for the physical and mental health of Southeast Asian American communities, we recognize that success is only possible if we take care of the staff who are moving that work forward. Change starts internally before it can be advocated externally.

A collage created by Elaine featuring highlights of her sabbatical.

I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of our staff. SEARAC is deeply committed to a culture of community care that these principles were enshrined in our latest strategic plan as one of our five pillars of success. From generous retirement benefits to industry-leading salaries to the sabbatical opportunity from which I so benefited this year – SEARAC is revolutionizing the way that nonprofits do their work. And because of our dedication to our own staff, we are able to better support and build power with the Southeast Asian American communities that we serve.

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Dec. 31, is the final day to donate to SEARAC’s 2023 end-of-year fundraiser. Will you join me in making a gift to SEARAC in support of the culture of community care that we are building together?


Elaine Sanchez Wilson, SEARAC Senior Director of Communications

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