I’m proud to be a SEARAC sustainer — this is why

A few years ago, I participated in SEARAC’s groundbreaking Leadership and Advocacy Training (LAT) in Sacramento. During my experience in the education cohort, I not only developed leadership and advocacy skills that I use to this day, but I also felt a connection with the stories of fellow Southeast Asian Americans, like community leader Danny Thongsy.

Danny’s story of serving time, almost being deported for his past crimes, and then getting a pardon is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. I know all too well what his life is like because I also grew up in a Lao refugee community, where it seemed like everyone around me was either addicted to drugs, in a gang or prison, or dead. I’m immensely grateful for the work that SEARAC is doing to stop these unjust deportations. Like SEARAC, I believe everyone deserves a second chance.


I am proud to be a donor to SEARAC so that I can help sustain vital programs like LAT, which has played a role in the stories of more than 1,000 Southeast Asian Americans across the country. Join me in helping SEARAC to raise $20,000 by this Friday, Dec. 3, so SEARAC can continue its mission to build the leadership pipeline that will fight for our communities.

With gratitude,

Samorn Selim