Phun H

Phun is SEARAC’s Communications Associate and supports our communications strategies to increase the visibility and reach of SEARAC’s work. Prior to this role, she served as SEARAC’s Policy Associate.

Phun was born in Vietnam and is part of the Bunong community, one of many Indigenous and ethnic highlander tribes within the Montagnard identity. Phun and her family were resettled in North Carolina as refugees from Vietnam and she was raised in Greensboro. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and holds Bachelors’ degrees in public policy and Asian American studies. At UNC, Phun co-founded Voices of the Highlands, a virtual space that seeks to share Montagnard traditions, preserve oral histories, and connect the Montagnard diaspora on the shared experiences of Montagnard identity.

If she’s not napping, you can often find Phun at a cafe, on a trailhead, or at an airport gate.