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Photo courtesy of Berta Romero

Photo courtesy of Berta Romero

Photo courtesy of Berta Romero

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Sep 26 A Story Among Many
Andy Pacificar

I spent eighteen years in prison. I was incarcerated from 1990 until 2008. It was amazing to see all the changes in the world that happened in that amount of time. In the very beginning of my journey through prison I met a young man who was at the time only 17 years old. A misguided youth if you will. I was 30 years old at the time and this young man and I started to form a bond that still is enduring and growing today. He became my friend, my brother, my son and so much more. My Brother in struggle was also a Southeast Asian Refugee. He was also a LPR (Legal Permanent Resident). 

Aug 30 Serve the People
Nkauj Iab Yang

I quickly learned that if I want positive change in an unjust situation or system, that I would have to stand up and be that change. All the discomfort I felt and experienced as a young woman, a Hmong American, a Southeast Asian American, a daughter, a student, a low-income youth, were all disempowered experiences full of discrimination. The times I felt powerful were when I spoke and stood up for love, equity, and took matters into my own hands. I want to continue feeling powerful, and I want the same for my community.

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Sep 28

Governor Brown Signs AB 1726

California's diverse Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) communities will soon have access to data that can reveal their unique patterns of health needs and outcomes. Over the weekend, Governor Brown signed AB 1726, the AHEAD Act, into law! 

Sep 26

Today Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 1726, the AHEAD Act, into law. We celebrate this milestone in our community's history to uncover long-neglected health disparities and develop targeted solutions. This new policy will provide California's Department of Public Health with more granular data on the diverse Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) populations it serves. Better data on the different needs of our communities translates to more effective public health strategies that save lives.

Sep 23

SEARAC is looking for current high school seniors who are planning to be the first in their family to go to college.  We want to know: how was your experience filling out the  FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?