Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC)

Photo courtesy of Berta Romero

Photo courtesy of Berta Romero

Photo courtesy of Berta Romero

Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia (CAGP)
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Jul 24 How Strong Love Can Be
Vanuyen Pham

Being political and advocating for change is not exactly what my parents wanted for me. What they don’t understand is that I want to do this because they can’t. I want to be sure their stories and the stories of my community are heard. I am honored to be here at SEARAC, where I am surrounded by people who also care deeply about advocating for their communities.

Jul 12 Discovering My Roots in DC
Emily Short

I had never been part of an Asian American community before, in part because I was worried that I would not be accepted because I was “only half,” but I decided to take that chance.

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Aug 10

This week, SEARAC joined the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans as part of 77 organizations, 180 community leaders, 105 students, and nearly 500 educators across the country in reaffirming our commitment to serving the diverse needs of our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Aug 9

As board members of SEARAC, we have seen the devastation that deportation causes in the lives of Southeast Asian American families. But we have also seen the hope and joy that comes when SEARAC's powerful partnerships with the #ReleaseMN8 campaign and other families help to keep these families together.

Aug 8

Sameth Nhean was greeted with hugs and kisses from his family, friends, and community yesterday as he was released from immigration detention, where he had been held for nearly a year.