SEARAC Executive Director Quyên Đinh Named to Census 2030 Advisory Committee

WASHINGTON, DC – Last week, SEARAC Executive Director Quyên Đinh was named as one of 23 new members appointed to the Census 2030 Advisory Committee (2030 CAC) by the US Census Bureau. This advisory committee will work to ensure that the Census Bureau gets an accurate count of the US population in the 2030 Census, and Quyên’s participation will be essential in reaching and connecting Southeast Asian Americans to the 2030 Census.

SEARAC Executive Director Quyên Đinh. Photo courtesy of Minh Pham.

According to the 2030 CAC charter, advisory committee members “will assist the Census Bureau in devising strategies to increase awareness of and participation in the next decennial census, reduce barriers to response and enhance the public’s trust and willingness to respond.” Quyên is the only appointee to the 2030 CAC from an Asian American-led and Asian American-serving organization.

“I am honored to be one of 23 appointees to the new Census 2030 Advisory Committee and will proudly represent Southeast Asian American voices in this role,” Quyên stated. “My appointment is a testament to the power of community engagement and building community power that has been central to SEARAC’s work for the last 45 years. I will work tirelessly to ensure that Southeast Asian Americans are counted in the 2030 Census, and importantly, that we are accurately represented in the data when it is released. Thank you the US Census Bureau for this historic opportunity to collaborate and partner to further our community’s visibility for decades to come in our growing multiracial America.”

For more information about the Census 2030 Advisory Committee, please see the US Census Bureau website.