ACA Repeal Fails in the Senate

You demanded they protect our health care, and they listened

Last night, the Senate Republican leaders failed to pass their attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) / ObamaCare that would have left 16 million more Americans uninsured and raised premiums by 20% annually.
We thank and celebrate everyone who called their Senators and Representatives to protect health care for us all. We especially thank the 390 people who were brave enough to share their health care stories with us and with their Members of Congress through our Comment Card campaign.

You demanded that they protect our health care, and they listened.

Community member Vanuyen Pham shared:

“Prior to the ACA, my parents lacked consistent access to healthcare services. They would only seek care from a provider when they became so sick they couldn’t get out of bed and work, and still then they were worried about the treatment costs. However, with the ACA and a more stable insurance that covers preventative services, they are finally able to have health concerns treated from years of working with toxic chemicals in nail salons and are finally prioritizing their health.”
With the failure of the bill, Southeast Asian Americans like Vanuyen and her family are protected from policies that adversely affect their health. We have shown that, together, we do have a voice and we demand to be heard.
The fight is not over! We must stay vigilant against efforts to cut or cap Medicaid in the federal budget or any other future legislation attempting to repeal the ACA/ObamaCare.

Let’s keep up the fight for affordable health care for all!