LAT and LEAF Training Programs

Since 1999, SEARAC has graduated more than 1,000 advocates from 22 states through our annual Leadership & Advocacy Training (LAT). In 2015, we launched the Leadership, Empowerment, & Advocacy Fellowship (LEAF) for advanced community advocates. LAT and LEAF build advocacy leaders for Southeast Asian American communities.

Leadership and Advocacy Training (LAT)

SEARAC’s Leadership and Advocacy Training (LAT) program is a three-day training based in Washington, DC, intended for emerging advocates from Southeast Asian American and ally communities to learn how to advocate effectively for policy change. LAT trains participants to become advocacy leaders in their communities.

LAT is best suited for community members and allies who want to deepen their knowledge about education, health, or immigration policy, practice effective communication and framing skills, and create policy change to serve their communities. The training culminates in a day of advocacy visits with Congressional representatives and/or their staff, immediately enabling participants to apply the advocacy skills they have learned during the training.

The 2018 LAT was held June 20-22, 2018, in Washington, DC.

Leadership, Empowerment, and Advocacy Fellowship (LEAF)

Over time, there has been growing demand from LAT alumni and advocates who seek a higher level of engagement in advocacy and leadership development. The Leadership Empowerment and Advocacy Fellowship (LEAF) training builds on our LAT program and aims to bring experienced advocates to the next level. It is also aimed at LAT alumni who have taken on more advanced advocacy roles within their communities over time.

LEAF is intended for advocates who have some background knowledge and advocacy experience in education, health, or immigration policy. Participants can expect to engage in more in-depth conversations on these and related social justice issues facing Southeast Asian American communities.