SEARAC Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

For Immediate Release:
March 1, 2022

Media contact:
Elaine Sanchez Wilson

Washington, DC – As the survivors and their descendents of wars in Southeast Asia, Southeast Asian Americans know all too well the lasting impacts that wars have on individuals, families, communities, and countries.

We know first-hand that the irrevocable harm and trauma of war spans generations and borders.

Our history obligates us to speak out. That is why SEARAC echoes the distress, horror, and heartbreak that millions around the globe have felt in response to Russia’s escalated aggression toward Ukraine through a violent military invasion that began last week. During President Biden’s State of the Union Address tonight, we urge the president to address America’s vital role as a humanitarian leader and the concrete steps our country, in partnership with others, must take at this critical moment.

At SEARAC, we work every day to build a socially, politically, and economically just society for all communities to enjoy for all generations. This vision can’t happen with war – when more than 500,000 Ukranian refugees have been forced to flee their homes for survival. Our hearts ache seeing the same images of war that took the lives of our families. And today we stand in power with our communities because others stood up for us and our freedom.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine and their families across the globe fighting for their lives.

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the world for peace.



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