SEARAC Launches 2020 Census Website for Southeast Asian Americans

Washington, DC – SEARAC today launched its 2020 Census website, a resource about the decennial US population count with specific information on its impact on Southeast Asian American (SEAA) communities. The site includes county-level SEAA population data and maps based on the 2010 Census, along with translated factsheets, frequently asked questions, training opportunities, social media shareables, census news, and more.
“Many Southeast Asian Americans are vulnerable to barriers that make it challenging for them to get counted during the census,” said Alyssa Tulabut, field manager at SEARAC. “It is our hope that this resource can further support the efforts of those on the ground who are working hard to ensure an accurate count of SEAA communities.”
“Forty-five years ago, our communities arrived to the United States as the largest refugee community to resettle in this country,” said Quyen Dinh, executive director at SEARAC. “Accurate Census data have the power to tell the story of our ongoing journey to equity. Even further, data will help our current and future generations receive the support and political representation we deserve.”
For questions related to the 2020 Census, please contact Alyssa Tulabut at

A screenshot showing hard-to-count data from our 2020 Census website