SEARAC Condemns Violent Attacks on US Capitol

For Immediate Release
January 8, 2021
Media contact:
Elaine Sanchez Wilson
(202) 601-2970
Washington, DC – SEARAC condemns the attack on the US Capitol on Jan. 6 by insurrectionists intending to subvert our democracy, overturn our lawful elections, and strike fear into the hearts of the American people. After a record-breaking number of votes cast in November, including many by Southeast Asian Americans, we will not be silenced by President Trump, his supporters, and his allies who enabled this treasonous attack.
We are also alarmed by the grave disparity between the police response to the violence on Capitol Hill, overwhelmingly led by white rioters, and the police actions we saw during the past summer’s uprisings in support of Black lives. Images from this week’s riot show police officers permitting insurrectionists to simply walk into — and then walk back out of — the Capitol building unharmed. There is even video evidence of police officers taking photographs with the rioters. Just months before, peaceful protestors were cleared from DC’s National Mall by tear gas, flash bombs, and physical attacks so that the President could have a photo opportunity at a nearby church. This egregious display of white supremacy in action cannot be ignored.
“Wednesday’s stunning attack on the Capitol is an affront to everything that America stands for,” said Katrina Dizon Mariategue, Acting Executive Director of SEARAC. “Over 45 years ago, Southeast Asian refugees came to this country to escape violence and political persecution, seeking a safe haven for their families and children. This display of terrorism undermines the values of democracy and freedom that many in our communities have fought so hard to secure for their loved ones. It is a sad day in America to see these acts of violence take our country hostage in an effort to undermine the will of the people. SEARAC demands that everyone responsible, from the president to Senators, House Members to state legislators, who fed, fueled and fomented these attacks must be removed or resign from their offices.
SEARAC and our partners are working to build an America that is a true democracy, where we stand with and for each other, and where our elected officials respect our rights, no matter our race, immigration status, or zip code. We are appalled by the efforts of Donald Trump and his supporters to silence the voices of voters and organizers of color. Many Southeast Asian Americans came to this country as a direct result of violence and terror in our homelands, and we will not sit idly by and endure more of the same here in the United States.