Community Alert: Cambodian Roundups Resume

We are issuing a community alert to let Southeast Asian American families know that ICE is once again rounding up Cambodian immigrants for detention-just a week after 43 individuals were removed on April 4. Our partners at the Asian Law Caucus in San Francisco recently reported that four people have been taken into ICE custody.

If you have a final order of removal, please exercise caution.

  • Do not open your door if an ICE agent makes an unexpected visit. They may claim to be police or have a warrant. They are lying.
  • If you have an unscheduled check-in appointment, expect that you will be detained.
Please contact the Asian Law Caucus at (415) 952-0413 immediately if you are in detention or scheduled for a check-in soon. They will help assess your case and assist you in planning for the possibility of detention.
Other Resources:
  • Here is an online guide to help you know your rights during an ICE encounter.
  • For more pro-bono legal options, check out SEARAC’s directory of individuals and organizations with expertise in criminal deportation of Southeast Asian Americans.
  • For more information on ICE raids and other Know Your Rights materials, click here.
  • AAAJ-LA also has in-language Know Your Rights resources. The resources include Know Your Rights cards (made by AAAJ-Atlanta) in
  • If you are interested in sharing your story to support SEARAC’s long-term advocacy efforts to stop mandatory detention and deportation, consider filling out our advocacy data collection form.