Ushering in our boldest selves this Lunar New Year

Dear community,

One year before our community’s 50th year anniversary, this Year of the Dragon calls us to be our boldest selves.

At SEARAC we see this fearlessness every day in the communities that are celebrating this season of joy across the country.

We see fiery youth standing up to be seen against invisibility in school systems.

We see resilient elders raising their voices to transform health systems to bring healing rather than harm.

We see courageous families fighting to keep their families together against deportation against all odds.

This year is a reminder at SEARAC of all the strength that surrounds us—and that is within us—as we build power heading into our community’s civil rights year with fierce leaders, allies, and communities across the country.

Chúc mừng năm mới and Baengh Orn Siang-Hnyangx from the SEARAC family to yours.

In partnership,

Quyên Đinh

Executive Director, SEARAC