We’re halfway there!

We’ve reached the midway mark of our historic fundraising drive, and we are completely humbled by your enthusiastic response. We’ve just tallied our most recent numbers (as of yesterday midnight EST), and 87 of you have given $6,870, bringing in $9,425 in matched funds for a total of $16,295! Simply incredible!
Speaking of counting: throughout this year, we’ve given it our all when it comes to making sure Southeast Asian Americans are — well — counted and raising our voices as loudly as possible. That’s because if Southeast Asian Americans aren’t heard, our community’s needs will be neglected and rendered invisible.
Your gift supports the resources needed to bring our community members’ voices to the nation’s capital to fight back against bad laws. When the Trump Administration proposed to add a question to the 2020 Census probing respondents’ citizenship status, we raised the demands of more than 800 individuals who submitted comments to fight back against this question. Together with our supporters, SEARAC created a way for these 800 voices to be heard in demanding a full, fair, and accurate 2020 Census so that Southeast Asian Americans are appropriately represented in the formation of congressional districts and allocation of funding.
Furthermore, your donation also allows us to amplify our community’s voice speaking out against the current proposed public charge policy, which threatens to penalize immigrants for using needed government services to feed and shelter their families and keep their children healthy. Your gift enables us to reach our goal of mobilizing 1,000 community members by Dec. 10 to submit public comments rejecting this harmful proposed policy to ensure that all immigrant families have the resources they need to thrive in America.
Your donation also supports our monthly ‘Keeping our Communities Informed” webinar series, when community members have the opportunity to speak with us directly.
(Register for tomorrow’s webinar, when we’ll be discussing our policy priorities for the remainder of this year and beyond, by clicking here.)
Thank you for helping to ensure that Southeast Asian Americans are counted. Together, we can accomplish so much.
In allyship,
Monica Speight
Director of Field and Outreach
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
P.S. So far, 41 of you will be receiving a special SEARAC T-shirt and entered into a raffle to win an iPad for donating $100 or more, and three of you have been entered into a raffle to win a trip to our October 2019 Equity Summit celebration in Sacramento for donating $250 or more. There’s still more time to win some items!