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Our latest numbers are in, and we continue to be blown away: 109 of you have helped raise $19,035! We’re $965 away from reaching our goal of $20,000. Help push us over the top by donating today.
Your gift allows us to be a leading national voice in advocating for data disaggregation, which reveals un- and underreported Southeast Asian American education, health, and socioeconomic inequities that are hidden within a broader Asian American category. Your donation also permits us to keep speaking out in support of affirmative action, which has recently come under attack and is likely heading to the Supreme Court. You’ll help to promote admissions policies that consider students beyond their test scores — a concept that I’m personally invested in as someone who was able to attend her dream school despite scoring poorly on my standardized tests .
With your support, we are committed to ensuring that the needs of Southeast Asian American students are considered in discussions around school affordability, accessibility, retention, curricula, and more. By giving to SEARAC, you invest in our youth and their refugee resilience.
My deepest thanks,
Quyen Dinh
Executive Director
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
P.S. All week long, if you donate at least $100, a funder for SEARAC will generously match your gift so that your donation is essentially doubled. You’ll also get a special SEARAC T-shirt and be entered into a raffle to win an iPad as a token of our thanks. Donate $250 or more, and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a trip to our October 2019 Equity Summit celebration in Sacramento. If we reach our goal today, your donation will help us meet a $1,000 matching gift!