We counted our communities in the 2020 Census and count on YOU to keep us going

Dear SEARAC family,
On the final day of our weeklong end-of-year giving campaign, we celebrate the deep community partnerships your support nurtured as our Southeast Asian American communities mobilized for the 2020 Census.
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SEAAs are part of the fabric of a beautifully diverse America, and from coast to coast, we worked with families to raise awareness of the resources, funding, and political power that the 2020 Census brings. From our Census website, which provided in-language information to nearly 3000 visitors, to our 97 Census Ambassadors, who got out the count in their local communities, to our census partners, who worked tirelessly amidst shifting census deadlines and emerging community needs due to COVID-19, we came together to ensure that SEAAs were seen and counted, this year and in the years to come.
The 2020 Census enumeration period may be over, but with your donation, you will build SEAA community power and civic engagement for the journey ahead. Your gift can make a lasting impact on community members like Kevin Hoang Pham, who was motivated to apply to become a census enumerator after attending SEARAC’s Moving Mountains Equity Summit in Sacramento last October. “I thought it was fascinating work because I graduated back in March, and it perfectly aligned with the next stage of something I could do before finding a full-time job,” he said, reflecting on a Moving Mountains plenary he attended that included Sonny Lê, partnership specialist from the US Census Bureau.
Kevin Hoang Pham, 2020 Census enumerator and SEARAC Moving Mountains attendee
In 2021, we will host our biennial Moving Mountains Equity Summit for the third year, this time in a new virtual setting that will make this convening and its impactful plenaries and workshops even more accessible to a wider audience. We’re anticipating the 2021 launch of our new SEAA Action Network, which provides a central location for our communities’ advocacy and action opportunities. By donating $45 in honor of the past 45 years of SEAA resettlement, or $75 in honor of 1975, you play a key role in building the growing SEAA movement. 
With gratitude,
Alyssa Tulabut
Senior Field Manager, SEARAC
PS: The powerful header images featured on all of our end-of-year campaign emails this week highlight the incredible work of our partners across the country supporting SEAA communities. In this header, clockwise from top left: Southeast Asian Coalition (SEAC Village)VietLeadKhmer Anti-Deportation Advocacy Group (KhAAG), and Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association.