Unity in this season of remembrance

Photo courtesy of Les Talusan.

Together with communities across the country, we commemorate the significance of April one year away from our community’s 50th year anniversary. 

In homes, churches, and temples across the country, incense and candles have been lit in remembrance of those we’ve lost through wars and genocide, those with names and those whose names we’ll never know.

In communities built by the deep trauma of war and genocide, we honor light during the darkest of times that paved the way for new chapters and new generations of hope for freedom and family now almost 50 years later.

And on the eve of our 50th year, we are called to honor this legacy by carrying it forward as future ancestors, building a world that protects future generations who will not just survive but thrive. In this future we empower our descendants to live lives we never thought possible, to be more than refugees and children of refugees, to find liberation and power in their ancestral dreams. 

In partnership,

Quyên Đinh

Executive Director at SEARAC