Our communities will fight to advance our rights

Dear SEARAC Community,
Last week, America issued a loud message to the Administration and incoming Congress: We reject efforts to dismantle our civil rights.
As SEARAC mobilizes for our annual giving campaign at the end of this month, this strong and historic display of people power fuels us for the hard-fought battles that are ongoing.
Alongside you, we will continue to demand visibility through data equity that is responsive to the diverse needs of our beautifully unique Southeast Asian American ethnic groups.
We will continue to push for bold legislation that acknowledges our communities’ sacrifice to this country and keeps our loved ones together and our people stronger.
We will protect our access to mental and physical health care and safeguard reproductive justice.
We will fight to heal our communities’ from the trauma we still carry to this day. 
With you, we will make sure that our communities are positioned to advance our rights and our livelihoods on the 50th anniversary of our resettlement.
As we enter this next season of thanks, on behalf of SEARAC, I want to express my gratitude for your partnership in demanding progressive policies that our Southeast Asian American communities don’t just deserve, but have a right to procure, now and for our future generations.


Quyên Đinh
Executive Director, SEARAC