One final push

Our fundraising drive comes to an end today, and we’re so excited to say that we’ve hit our $20,000 goal. As of midnight last night, 123 of you have helped raise $21,895! However, you can still help us meet one more $1,000 match by donating today.
Your gift allows us to work closely with a strong network of community-based organizations in California, home to nearly one million Southeast Asian Americans — a figure that represents one-third of all SEAAs living in the United States. By giving us the support necessary to collaborate with these partners, you enable us to reach the families they serve and uplift their important stories. Your donation gives voice to the mother who told us about the enormous relief she felt after getting Medicaid coverage, which helped ease the growing stack of medical bills following the birth of her son, born with just one kidney. Her story recounting the desperation and suicidal thoughts that subsided upon receiving affordable insurance, along with the experiences of 364 other SEAAs, helped to inform our report Southeast Asian Americans Speak Out to Protect the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Expansion.
By supporting SEARAC, you help document and elevate the successes, challenges, and disparities that our community members encounter every day, but that often go untold.
All my thanks,
Nkauj Iab Yang
Director of California Policy and Programs
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
P.S. According to our latest numbers, 76 of you will be entered into a raffle to win an iPad for donating $50 or more, and 53 of you will be receiving a special SEARAC T-shirt for donating $100 or more. Donate today to add your name to the growing list! Thank you again to all who have supported us this week and this year!