March with us in DC on October 14 for equity, justice, and freedom

On October 14, 2017, SEARAC will march in solidarity with our communities and allies in the continued pursuit of equity, justice, and freedom. The Moving Mountains March for Equity caps off our three-day equity summit, and is part of a week of Asian American and Pacific Islander action and resistance. #AAPIAction
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March for Equity Route:
Vietnam Veterans Memorial:
We will begin at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to honor our experience as survivors of war from U.S. occupation in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. We also honor the experience of Southeast Asians who fought for freedom alongside Americans whose names are not reflected on the memorial, and those who lost their lives for our freedom today.

Reflecting Pool:

We will release lotus flowers into the pool as we reflect on our strength and resilience as a community and our hopes and dreams for racial solidarity, equity, freedom, and justice in America.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial:

Our march will conclude at the MLK memorial as we pay tribute to a civil rights legend that paved the way for our communities to be active participants in the civil rights movement. We will hear from several speakers who will inspire us to continue fighting for the civil rights of our community today and for generations to come.