Intern alums unite for SEARAC – help us raise $2,500 for 2018

Why Do Five Intern Alums Want You to Support SEARAC?

We are three college students, a recent grad, and a State Representative from Minnesota and California.  We all have one thing in common: we all interned with SEARAC sometime in the last five years.
Having worked closely with SEARAC, we are convinced that their powerful advocacy and leadership building can improve the lives of Southeast Asian American communities for generations to come.
That’s why we’re raising $2,500 to prepare for whatever challenges 2018 might bring for our communities.
Make a donation today to SEARAC, and you help:
  • Make sure more Southeast Asian American students access and graduate from higher education
  • Keep more families safe from deportation
  • Protect affordable, culturally relevant health care to keep our community healthy
  • Support more powerful Southeast Asian American leaders who will fight at the local and national level for our communities
Be a part of building Southeast Asian American community strength, power, and resilience in 2018.
“Interning at SEARAC was important to me because it was the first time I learned   political advocacy.  It taught me that I can advocate for my community, regardless of my political background.”

“I ask for you to join me in supporting SEARAC so we can continue to build power within our Southeast Asian American communities and fight for what we need.”

– Fue Lee (right), Minnesota State Representative (59A)

“SEARAC was the perfect place for me to grow more comfortable within my identity, to be in a space surrounded by fierce, empathetic leaders who were supportive mentors.””I want to support SEARAC’s work continuing its long legacy of fighting to make the voices of Southeast Asian Americans heard, and its commitment to supporting future leaders in this movement.”

– Vanuyen Pham (center), student at Stanford University

“My internship at SEARAC gave me the opportunity to discover what being Southeast Asian American means to me.”

“I want to support SEARAC as we continue to fight for equity in our communities.”

– Tigana Van Le (left), student at University of Minnesota Twin Cities

“My internship with SEARAC was foundational to my political and personal growth.”

“I was surrounded by a community who understood my experiences as a Southeast Asian American and who mentored me in ways that I had never found elsewhere.”

– Vy Luu, Stanford Public Interest Network (SPIN) Fellow

I was able to find my voice again as an immigration policy intern at SEARAC by advocating for Southeast Asian American communities during a critical time when our immigrant communities are under attack.”

– Kathy Tran (right), student at University of California, Berkeley