How Do We Represent a Movement?

By Gabriel Garcia

SEARAC’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Coalition Helping Achieve Racial and Gender Equity (AAPI CHARGE) is excited to announce our new look!

AAPI CHARGE is a statewide coalition in California that provides AAPI youth a platform to amplify their voices as they seek equitable policy change at the statewide and local level. In February 2019, our community partners from all around the state brought more than 20 youth to Fresno for our inaugural Youth in CHARGE Summit. Over the course of three days, the youth built relationships, learned about each other’s organizations, and brainstormed what they wanted to see for the future of AAPI CHARGE. Through their brainstorm sessions, youth had the opportunity to inform this future by providing their input on and choosing a new look for AAPI CHARGE.     

Developing a brand that is not only youth-informed but also youth-selected was crucial to our commitment to ensuring youth know they have ownership over AAPI CHARGE. Designer Tien Pham was able to capture the brilliance and power of our young people and the work they do in their communities, presenting  different designs to share with our young people so their voices could shape what AAPI CHARGE looks like.

In addition to designing our logo and brand, Tien also worked with us to design the first of several factsheets we plan to roll out that feature AAPI youth data and voices.  Exploring the ways our youth experience school culture and climate, this factsheet includes data and testimony from the CA AAPI Youth Assessment SEARAC conducted in partnership with AAPI CHARGE and community leaders across California.

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Gabriel Garcia is SEARAC’s Boys and Men of Color Coordinator