A day with my grandma

by Janessa Thao

05:00 AM Waking up to the sound of blenders
Smelling the creamy scent of soy radiated through the kitchen
Seeing the beans being sifted in a bamboo sieve and the freshly made tofu being squeezed
Viewing all of your hard work being made into a delicious dish
07:00 AM Getting ready for the rest of the day
Watching everyone leave for school
Spending time together in the quiet early morning
10:00 AM Walking down the street to the local Asian market
Hearing you speak HMoob to the owners
Getting the pastries and banana leaf sticky rice to bring back home
12:00 PM Sitting with you in the living room
Observing you look out into the yard through our gigantic front window
Listening to the HMoob music and stories in the background on our old boom box
Hearing the noise of beads and coins being strewn together onto a fabric
04:00 PM Waiting for everyone to come home
Watching you cook dinner
Eating together as a family while talking about and sharing our lives
07:00 PM Watching TV together in the living room
Heating up ncuav, sticky rice cake, to eat and share with everyone
Resting after the long day
11:00 PM Brushing my teeth as you take out your dentures
Watching you wrap up all of your hair and putting it on the top of your head
Seeing you scratch your back with the wooden back scratcher
Spreading Suave lotion on your back since you can’t reach it
Going to bed next to each other, waiting for the next day to come

As I remember the past, I remember my life growing up with you every day and wishing I could relive it once more.

To the matriarch of my family, my puj – kuv ncu koj, kuv hlub koj



Janessa is SEARAC’s summer Development Intern. You can email her here.