Make our birthday wishes come true: Stop deportations as we “run for their lives”

Celebrate our “Duplicate Digit” Birthdays by Keeping Southeast Asian American Refugee Families Together

Two days. Two birthdays. Two Coasts. Two determined advocates.

As board members of SEARAC, we have seen the devastation that deportation causes in the lives of Southeast Asian American families. But we have also seen the hope and joy that comes when SEARAC’s powerful partnerships with the #ReleaseMN8 campaign and other families help to keep these families together.

That’s why we’re running 16 miles on our birthdays this month to honor the 16,000 Southeast Asian Americans who have been ordered deported since 1998. Sharon turns 55 on August 13, and Cat turns 33 on August 15.  We’re asking you to join us to make our birthday wishes come true – to stop deportations and keep families together!
The first $1,000 in donations will be MATCHED – double your impact for Southeast Asian American families.