Community Alert: Cambodian Deportations May Resume

We are issuing a community alert to let Cambodian American families know that Cambodia may be preparing to accept a new group of deportees in the coming months. Earlier this fall, the Trump Administration announced visa sanctions on Cambodia for failing to comply with the deportation of Cambodian Americans. As a result, the Cambodian government has agreed to interview 26 individuals and to issue a new batch of travel documents for deportation. No date for these interviews has been confirmed, but partner organizations and community members have reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has begun detaining Cambodian Americans.
The Asian Law Caucus in San Francisco and Formerly Incarcerated Group Healing Together (F.I.G.H.T.) in Washington state learned last night of the following incidents:
  • Two Cambodian Americans were picked up by ICE in California at a rescheduled check-in, and they are currently being held in immigration detention.
  • A Cambodian American in Florida with a final order of removal reported that his ICE check-in date has been moved up.
  • A Cambodian American in South Carolina whose check-in was originally scheduled for October 10th has been detained early.
If you have a final order of removal and ICE has notified you of a new check-in date, please contact Asian Law Caucus at (415) 896-1701. They can help you assess the risk that you may be detained and assist you in planning for that possibility.
Other Resources:
  • Here is an online guide to help you know your rights during an ICE encounter.
  • Read SEARAC’s Resource Guide for Southeast Asian Americans Facing Criminal Deportation
  • For more pro-bono legal options, check out SEARAC’s directory of individuals and organizations with expertise in criminal deportation of Southeast Asian Americans.
  • For more information on ICE raids and other Know Your Rights materials, click here.
  • AAAJ-LA also has in-language know your rights resources. The resources include “know your rights” cards (made by AAAJ- Atlanta) in Khmer
Lastly, continue to call congressional leaders to denounce the Trump Administration’s move to issue visa sanctions, with the sole purpose of driving up deportations. Read SEARAC’s action alert and call your members of congress today.