Community Alert: Cambodian Consulate to Begin Interviews for Deportation – Hotline Available for Detainees

This month the Trump administration has rounded up over 100 Cambodian Americans across the country for deportation. The Cambodian consulate is conducting interviews from October 17 – November 11 at the LaSalle Detention Facility in Jena, Louisiana, where many Cambodian Americans have now been transferred.

If your loved one is detained at the LaSalle facility, please ask them to call the Southern Poverty Law Center pro-bono hotline by simply dialing 388#. Volunteers will be available to conduct intake and record their information to share with legal advocates working to challenge these detentions.
Trump’s mass deportation force is impacting the Vietnamese American community as well. We urge the community to take action to demand that lawmakers denounce deportations in the Southeast Asian American community. Hold your elected officials accountable to protecting their most vulnerable constituents.
Here’s What You Can Do:
1. Call your  Congressional leaders today (make sure to call both of your Senators and your Congressperson).
2. Here’s what you can say:
“My name is ____ from (City, State). I am calling Representative/Senator (Name) to alert him/her of the mass round-ups for deportation happening in the Southeast Asian American community. A majority of those impacted entered the U.S. as refugees after the Vietnam War, and grew up as lawful permanent residents. They are transforming their lives and putting past mistakes behind them, contributing to their communities, and supporting U.S. citizen family members (consider inserting a personal story if you have one). They do not deserve to be torn apart from their loved ones. Will your office issue a statement denouncing these deportations?”
If they say yes or ask for more information, notify  to follow up with them.
3. Consider doing an in-district meeting with your lawmaker to discuss the issue more fully.
4. Host a phone bank in your city to encourage people to place phone calls.
For any follow up questions or support, email