ACTION ALERT: Support the All Students Count Act for equitable education!

We urge you and your organization to take action for equitable education by supporting the All Students Count Act (ASCA) of 2023.

The All Students Count Act aims to ensure that every child in our education system is seen and supported. It addresses the critical need for accurate and comprehensive data on K-12 student achievement, particularly focusing on the diverse Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander student populations. Currently, these communities are grouped into broad categories, obscuring the unique challenges and needs of each distinct ethnic group within them.

Key provisions of the All Students Count Act include:

  • Mandatory Disaggregated Data Collection: The act mandates the collection and reporting of disaggregated ethnic group data for “Asian American” and “Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander” for student achievement and accountability measures, providing a clearer picture of their unique experiences.
  • Guidance on Data Reporting: It requires the Institute of Education Sciences to guide states on determining the minimum number of students necessary to report on a student subgroup, enhancing the accuracy and depth of data reporting for each ethnic group.
  • Detailed Ethnic Group Disaggregation: The act further calls for detailed disaggregation of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander student data, allowing for a nuanced understanding of their respective experiences and challenges.

We believe that accurate and comprehensive data is the first step towards addressing disparities and ensuring that every child receives the support they need to succeed in their educational journey. We urge you to support this important bill by signing your organization onto our support letter and emailing your Senators to co-sponsor the All Students Count Act.