Sign Our Petition Demanding That the US Census Bureau Correct Its Mistake and Identify Hmong as ‘Southeast Asian’

Help us reach our goal of 2,000 signatures

Through your partnership and the power of community, SEARAC is proud to share that more than 1,6000 individuals have signed our petition demanding that the US Census Bureau fix its misclassification of the Hmong community.

Hmong voices and stories matter and we urge the US Census Bureau to respect the Hmong community’s self-identification as Southeast Asian Americans. 

We have a goal of reaching 2,000 signatures in our petition and invite you to join us in amplifying our Hmong community’s voice by signing and sharing it.

Take Action: Urge the US Census Bureau to correct this serious error.

1.) Sign our petition. We have a target of 2,000 individual signatures and 100 organizational signatures. Note: If you are signing on behalf of an organization, you can also still sign as an individual.

2.) Share our petition on social media. Check out our social media toolkit to download shareable graphics and to use sample language.

Image used in header graphic courtesy of Kazua Melissa Vang.