SEARAC Aims to Recruit SEAA Poll Workers

Today, Sept. 1, is National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, and SEARAC is proud to partner with Power the Polls to help recruit a new generation of Southeast Asian American (SEAA) poll workers this November.
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, America faces a nationwide poll worker shortage which has led to long lines and voter disenfrachisement in recent primaries. Poll workers play a vital role in keeping as many polling places as possible open, minimizing lines and delays, and helping community members navigate any issues when voting. SEARAC knows the importance of trusted community messengers, and we hope SEAA poll workers will help inspire and facilitate our communities’ participation in the democratic process this fall.
Together with the other partner organizations of Power the Polls, we are aiming to inspire and recruit 250,000 healthy, low-risk candidates to be poll workers this November. Sign up to be a poll worker in your community today to help ensure a safe and fair election for SEAA communities across the country!
Please reach out to SEARAC’s Senior Field Manager Alyssa Tulabut ( with any questions.