What We Do

We empower communities for change.

SEARAC is the only national civil rights organization devoted to empowering and uplifting the Southeast Asian American community. Our advocacy campaigns are grounded in deep engagement with community-based organizations and individual advocates, and we work mindfully in solidarity with other communities of color and social justice movements. Our main areas of work at the national and California state level include: education, immigration, health, boys and men of color, and aging.

Read our National Southeast Asian American Equity Agenda to see how we envision to bridge the gap between local community need and national policy opportunities to drive equity in the areas of census, education, health, and immigration. The equity agenda outlines our priorities leading to 2020.

National and state policy advocacy

SEARAC lifts the voices of Southeast Asian American communities in Washington, DC, and Sacramento, CA, and strengthens their capacity to push for policy change.

Policy areas

SEARAC works on policy areas that uniquely affect Southeast Asian American communities, including education equity, immigrant justice, health access, aging with dignity, and Asian American boys and men of color.

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SEARAC leads campaigns to educate our communities and mobilize them for policy change. See our latest campaigns.

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SEARAC works together with multiracial coalitions to build solidarity and power.

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Building powerful community leaders and advocates

SEARAC is committed to building the power of Southeast Asian American communities to fight for their own self-determination and well-being. We support civically engaged communities anchored by healthy community-based organizations.

LAT & LEAF Training Programs

Since 1999, SEARAC has graduated more than 1,000 advocates from 22 states through our annual Leadership & Advocacy Training (LAT). In 2015, we launched the Leadership, Empowerment, & Advocacy Fellowship (LEAF) for advanced community advocates. LAT and LEAF build advocacy leaders for Southeast Asian American communities.

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Movement Building

SEARAC’s campaign work combines awareness raising, policy advocacy, and community mobilization to create policy change. We work together with community partners and national, state, and regional coalitions to leverage our collective power.

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