Tuấn ĐinhJanelle

Tuấn leads SEARAC’s national field work where we use campaigns, trainings, and advocacy to build power for our communities. 

He comes from a family of resilient refugees who hail from Vietnam and who resettled in Flint, MI after the American war in Southeast Asia. In Flint, his family helps build many of the cars that are driven in America. As a community organizer, Tuấn continues his family’s journey by helping to build the communities that we now call home. 

He has degrees in literature, education, and law. His experiences include working with communities in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, serving as an attorney with the United Nations in Phnom Penh, working as a community organizer in San Jose, CA and leading the implementation of affirmative action policies at his alma mater. Tuấn believes as much in the joys of solidarity as he believes in its power. He therefore spends much of his free time listening to bachata and reading Galeano while working in San Jose, CA.