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Nov 16

"Some Republicans want to turn the dreams of immigrant young people into nightmares," said Quyen Dinh, executive director of SEARAC. "We strongly support a bi-partisan DREAM Act, but we reject some lawmakers' attempt to turn the DREAM Act into an excuse to jail more immigrant families and take parents away from their children. We call on Congressional leaders to have the courage to do the right thing for our communities."

Nov 8

Sacramento, CA - Asian American and Pacific Islander Boys and Men of Color Coalition Helping Achieve Racial and Gender Equity (CHARGE) is proud to release preliminary findings from a groundbreaking report based on a statewide survey of Asian American & Pacific Islander youth ages 12-30. The California Asian American and Pacific Islander Youth Report reveals that AAPI youth across diverse communities report high rates of bullying and discrimination, but youth from certain AAPI subgroups face significantly higher rates of economic insecurity and violence, and lack positive mental health supports to cope with these challenges.

Nov 3

Open Enrollment for affordable health coverage through the Affordable Care Act began yesterday, November 1. From now until December 15, you will be able to renew or enroll in health insurance for 2018 if you do not already have coverage through your job, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or another type of health coverage. 

Nov 1

In October, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers unjustly detained over 100 Cambodian Americans and nearly 100 Vietnamese Americans across the country. Most, if not all, of those detained were lawful permanent residents who came to the United States as refugees in the aftermath of U.S. aggression in Southeast Asia and the Khmer Rouge-orchestrated genocide.

Oct 31

The recent roundups of Cambodian and Vietnamese community members for deportation have left many families overwhelmed, frightened, and looking for concrete actions to support their loved ones. SEARAC is working closely with Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus to provide families with resources and connect them with legal counsel to explore options to fight deportation.

Oct 30

At this time, we believe that Vietnamese community members with final removal orders are vulnerable to potential arrest, detention, and deportation. ICE has used more aggressive tactics such as threatening community members with self-deportation and forcing folks to sign Vietnamese citizenship applications. Over last several weeks, ICE has re-arrested individuals with final removal orders that they were unable to deport in the past.