What's New

Jun 27

SEARAC condemns the recently released Senate version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), or "Trumpcare." Republican leaders drafted the bill behind closed doors in secrecy and planned to push it hastily to a vote. But your voices are being heard. Republicans are facing such an outcry against their disastrous bill that they decided to delay a vote until after the July 4th recess. 

Jun 23

SEARAC condemns the brutal assault of Anthony Promvongsa, a Lao American man from Worthington, MN, at the hands of area police. The incident occurred almost a year ago on July 28, 2016, but the ACLU of Minnesota only recently received video footage. 

Jun 23

Join SEARAC Board member Nerou Cheng at his home in New York City facing the East River to watch 4th of July fireworks. Enjoy Vietnamese appetizers and drinks while supporting SEARAC. 

Jun 15

Providence, RI - In a big win for the Southeast Asian communities of Rhode Island, the General Assembly made history this month by voting to pass the "All Students Count Act," introduced by Representative Grace Diaz and Senator Jeanine Calkin. The bill is designed to uncover education disparities among Asian and Pacific Islander students.

Jun 8

As Southeast Asian Americans (SEAAs), we reject the Model Minority Myth -- we are not "docile." We are not "submissive." And we are not and will not be "quiet." Southeast Asian Americans speak out against the American Health Care Act (AHCA)/TrumpCare and refuse to let Congress take away our right to health care. Speak out and contribute your story to increase SEAA visibility!

Jun 6

When youth research doesn't break down ethnic categories to Cambodian, Hmong, Lao, Vietnamese, Iu Mien, and more, the experiences of our community's young people are invisible. We are changing that by collecting our OWN data. Take SEARAC's California AAPI Youth Assessment before June 9th, 2017, to be part of this groundbreaking research.