Speaker's Bureau

The SEARAC Speakers Bureau is a list of SEARAC staff, board, and supporters who are experts in their fields and have generously agreed to donate any honorarium received through the Speakers Bureau to support SEARAC’s work. All speakers are knowledgeable about Southeast Asian issues and have worked with SEARAC in some capacity.

Honorarium amounts are negotiable. For speakers who are not traveling locally to the speaking engagement destination, the host organization or college must pay for round-trip transportation expenses (e.g. airfare, train ticket, car rental, parking), lodging and per diem meal expenses, unless otherwise discussed with SEARAC.

If you’d like to book a speaker for your speaking engagement, please send the following information to Phuong Do at phuong@searac.org.

  • Speaker(s) you are interested in
  • Topics you would like the speaker to address
  • Proposed location and date of speaking engagement
  • Estimated audience number and type (e.g. 40 immigrant youth)

List Of Speakers:

Click here for a current list of speakers.