Leadership and Organizational Development

SEARAC is committed to a vision of building strong communities overall with a focus on increasing the capacity of underserved communities to engage in social justice work.  We believe that civically engaged communities, coupled with healthy community-based organizations connected to strategies for community empowerment through organizing, will strengthen American society overall. Our Training and Technical Assistance Program and annual Leadership and Advocacy Training were developed with these goals in mind.

Training and Technical Assistance

Since its foundation in 1979, SEARAC has focused on helping refugees help themselves through training and technical assistance (T&TA), resource development, civic engagement, and action-oriented research.  We have grown into an organization able to strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations, including Southeast Asian and other refugee ethnic community-based organizations (ECBOs) and refugee-led faith-based organizations (FBOs).  SEARAC is managed primarily by, as well as for, Southeast Asian refugees; however, since 1999, SEARAC has expanded the reach of our T&TA beyond Southeast Asian American communities to include diverse African, Haitian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Burmese and Bhutanese communities.  SEARAC has a long-standing commitment to the growth and integration of all refugee communities throughout the country. 

Through our work as a T&TA provider for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, we have led refugee integration, leadership development and evaluation projects at both the federal and local level.  The analyses and recommendations from these projects have helped mainstream and local communities understand the critical role that Southeast Asian American and other ethnic community-based organizations serve.

We believe in meeting communities where they are.  From our experience, ECBOs and FBOs benefit most from T&TA services that are holistically conceived and culturally-sensitive. If leadership development, organizational development, program development, revenue development, and community engagement activities are compartmentalized and too sharply separated from one another, each domain becomes weaker in the long run.  By concentrating on strengthening work in multiple areas simultaneously, useful synergies can be created within and between ECBOs for the lasting benefit of the communities. SEARAC’s long history, experience with refugees, and strong networks have made the organization uniquely qualified to strengthen the capacity of ECBOs/FBOs and to help them implement their potential as key service providers for underserved populations.

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Leadership and Advocacy Training

For the past twelve years, SEARAC has held annual Leadership and Advocacy Trainings (LAT) in Washington, DC and regionally. These trainings provide a forum for Southeast Asian American community leaders to participate in three days of advocacy education, leadership strategizing, collaborative networking, and relationship building with decision makers on issues that are specific to the Southeast Asian American community. Learn more about how you can participate in the trainings here.