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The Southeast Asian American (SEAAs) community largely came from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam after 1975 as refugees from the decades-long war in Vietnam, the bombings of Laos and Cambodia, and the Khmer Rouge genocide. Today, SEAAs have naturalized at relatively high rates, and the undocumented community remains small. Yet over 15,000 SEAAs in the U.S. have final orders of deportation, around 80% of which are based on old criminal convictions that occured while these individuals were still lawful "permanent" residents. In most of these cases, individuals came to the U.S. as infants and toddlers, fleeing the conflicts in Southeast Asia as refugees with their families. Much of SEARAC's immigration work focuses on challenging the unjust laws that make deportation of our refugee brothers and sisters not only mandatory but irreversible, in spite of the individual circumstances of each case. 

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Deportation Defense

Community advisory - Cambodian detainee class-action lawsuit, Chhoeun, et al. v. Marin, et al. (Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus)

Getting Pro-Bono Legal Help - a directory of individuals and organizations with expertise in criminal deportation and Southeast Asian Americans

Know Your Rights and Access Help - Resources to Fight Deportation Raids

The Rights of Lawful Permanent Residents (Immigrant Legal Resource Center)

Deportation 101 (Families for Freedom, Detention Watch Network, Immigrant Defense Project, National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild)

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Legal Orientation Program for Detained Immigrants - Vietnamese (Vera Institute of Justice)


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