Community Engagement

SEARAC believes that engaging with local communities is a crucial aspect of our work. SEARAC's Community Engagement work is carried out through the various programs and policy/advocacy areas we work in. In addition to engaging local community based organizations on our policy and advocacy work, SEARAC runs several programs that directly involve community based organizations. These programs include the BRIGHT Project, the Southeast Asian American Action and Visibility in Education (SAVE) program; the Leadership Sustainability Project, the Hmong Health Collaborative, and the Bhutanese/Burmese Capacity Building project. We collaborate with organizations all across the nation. To view a nation-wide map of our partners, go to Highlighting our Local Partners.

SEARAC has increasingly focused on community organizing as a strategy for simultaneously achieving many of our overarching goals such as building leadership capacity, achieving progressive policy change, and promoting the welfare of Southeast Asian Americans as well as other people throughout the world. Increasingly, Southeast Asian Americans have become eager to promote progressive change in government and society. SEARAC and its partnerss recognize more than ever before that we have much to teach one another about creating change in our local communities and nationally.