Sep 30 Meet SEARAC's Fall Interns: Nancy Le, UC Davis
Nancy Le

Xin chào,

My name is Nancy Lê, and I am currently pursuing the fourth year of my undergraduate career at the University of California, Davis and studying Asian American Studies with a minor in Community Regional Development.

Sep 28 that Southeast Asian American guilt
Cat Nou

I always need external motivation to do really difficult things, but sometimes for the simple things too like getting out of bed to face the day.  And it is on these days that I realize just how privileged I am and start to feel really guilty.  You know, it’s that Southeast Asian American guilt where you know that your entire family had to hide from communists in the dense, dark jungle with no food to eat with bullets firing in all directions and it is only through the grace of their karma that they were not struck—and so, how dare you lay in your queen sized bed with your cozy comforter inside of your well insulated apartment and not thank your lucky stars that you were even born, as an American citizen no less!

Sep 27 Celebrating One Love's One Year Anniversary, and Looking Toward the Future of Our Movement
Helly Lee and Eileen Morrison

As One Love Movement celebrates its one year anniversary, we reflect on the work that One Love Movement, SEARAC, and others have done and continue to do, fighting for community members facing deportation. There is a huge misconception among many in our communities that because we arrived as refugees and are Lawful Permanent Residents, deportation policies don’t affect us; in fact, many refugee families have been, and continue to be, torn apart by them.

Sep 15 Thinking Critically: Current Population Survey 2010 Results & Southeast Asian Americans
Riamsalio (Kao) Phetchareun

This last Tuesday the US Census Bureau released its annual report “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2010.” The results are startling. According to the Census’ Current Population Survey (Table 4), roughly 27% of Blacks and Hispanics are below the poverty line, nearly double that of Whites. However, it appears that Asians have the lowest rate (12.1%) of poverty of the racial groups.

Aug 26 2010 Counts of Southeast Asians!
Riamsalio (Kao) Phetchareun

It’s been a while since I last posted. Things have been crazy, fun, and exciting here in DC (and I’m not just talking about the recent earthquake and impending hurricane). Just wanted to let everyone know that the detailed race and ethnicity counts have finally been made public via the US Census’ FactFinder.

I wanted to share a table highlighting the totals by state and broken down by Vietnamese, Laotian, Hmong, and Cambodian subgroups.

Aug 18 Social Security Turns 76!
Ivy Ngo

This week, Social Security turned 76 years old, an age at which the program itself would have been receiving a monthly stipend. As a celebration of the life and longevity of the program, read on to learn about some of Social Security’s achievements throughout its industrious career, and its undeniable benefits for the Southeast Asian American community.

Jul 28 Thank You for a Great Leadership and Advocacy Training!
Pang Houa Moua

This week, SEARAC gathered 75 advocates in Washington, DC to participate in its 2011 Leadership and Advocacy Training (LAT). Over three days, participants had the opportunity to network and strategize with colleagues from around the country and build relationships with decision makers at the federal level.

Jul 22 My Favorite Time of Year
Cherry Lim

It’s here! The time for 2011 DC Leadership and Advocacy Training (LAT) has finally arrived. All of us here at SEARAC are busy preparing for the over 60 community leaders that will be in Washington, DC in the next few days.

Jul 11 Minority within a Minority: The LGBTQ Southeast Asian Community
Cherry Lim

As June closed out, so did Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month. Widely known and celebrated through events across the country, LGBT Pride Month celebrates the members of our community who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer and allies. However, much like the Feminist Movement in the 1960s, the LGBT Pride movement was traditionally White.

Jun 28 Southeast Asian Americans and High School Equity
Cherry Lim

Recently, at the Campaign for High School Equity (CHSE) Summit, organizations from all around the country came to DC to advocate on behalf of students and the status of education in their communities. Check out the CHSE policy priorities that were highlighted during the summit here.