Sep 3 Share your college story!

Your responses will be used to help many students in a similar situation as the Higher Education Act is being reauthorized.

Aug 25 Happy 50th Birthday, Head Start
Dr. John Paul Kim

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of Head Start.  Fifty years later, the life changing program has opened windows of opportunity for 32 million at-risk children— and I was one of them.

Jun 29 Meet Marcus - Our Summer Intern from Florida
Marcus Degnan

I emerged from the swamplands of Polk County, Florida, in a small town populated by tractors, orange groves, and unbearable humidity. 

Jun 29 Meet Kim - Our Summer Intern from Florida
Kim Dang

My name is Bảo Ngọc Kim Dang, and I am a recent graduate from the University of Florida with a BA in English and minors in Educational Studies and Mass Communications.

May 29 Meet Katrina Dizon - Immigration Policy Manager

Like many immigrants, my parents believed in the American dream, especially for their children. My family moved from the Philippines to the U.S. when I was three years old.

Mar 30 This month we said goodbye to our long-time staff member, Jonathan Tran

In 2010, during my first staff retreat as a member of the SEARAC team, I was asked to share my reflection on a long day of strategic planning. I told my new colleagues that “it was a blessing to work alongside individuals whose passion for serving the community I would never have to question.”  What I said then resonates with me just as much now as I transition out of my position as SEARAC’s California Policy and Programs Manager.

Jan 28 Partner Spotlight: SEAeD Coalition (Southeast Asian American Access in Education)

This month, we highlight the work of one of our partners, the SEAeD Coalition. In 2011, three Seattle-area Southeast Asian American (SEAA) professionals started a simple conversation about the needs of SEAA students and were inspired to action.