Aug 28 Deportation and Dr. King’s American Dream
Mari Quenemoen

Wednesday, August 28th marks the 50th anniversary of the “Great March on Washington,” led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a coalition of civil rights, labor and religious organizations to pass civil rights legislation, desegregate schools and address entrenched poverty among African Americans.

Jul 15 Meet SEARAC's Intern: Nayelli Casarrubias, University of California, Davis
Nayelli Casarrubias

Hello everyone! My name is Nayelli and I’ll be working in SEARAC’s California Office this summer as a Dream Summer Intern. I recently graduated from the University of California Davis, where I majored in Psychobiology and minored in Italian. I was born in Mexico City and raised there till the age of 9 years old. After that my family and I migrated to the United States, and we settled in Southern California.

Jul 1 A Day of Immigration Reform Efforts on Capitol Hill
Corrine Schmidt

On only my second day of work here at SEARAC, I was sent to spend the day on Capitol Hill to attend two events central to current immigration reform efforts.  The first was the House Judiciary Committee’s mark-up of a newly proposed immigration bill, the SAFE Act, and the second was to attend a briefing entitled “Women Standing Together for Immigration Reform.”

Jun 20 Meet SEARAC’s Intern: Corrine Schmidt, Georgetown University
Corrine Schmidt

Hello all!  My name is Corrine and I am a rising senior at Georgetown University, where I major in Science, Technology and International Affairs.  I grew up in Spokane, WA, and am bi-racial.  My father is German-American, and my mother came to the United States from Vietnam when she was twelve years old, at the end of the Vietnam War. 

Jun 12 Stand With Families: AAPI Day of Action for Immigration Reform
Mai Yer Xiong

Day three on the job and I jumped right into my internship with SEARAC by attending the Stand with Families Immigration rally. I arrived early with fellow staff member Bao and we were ready to help the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC,) the host organization, with whatever needed to be done to ensure a successful day.

Jun 12 Meet SEARAC's Intern: Mai Yer Xiong, Wellesley College
Mai Yer Xiong

Hello. Nyob zoo. Hola. My name is Mai Yer; it means youngest daughter in Hmong. I am studying Economics and Spanish at Wellesley College. With this educational background, I aspire to work with poverty alleviation and economic development.

May 22 Immigration Reform Moves Forward!
Mari Quenemoen
Thank you to everyone who called your Senators to tell them to vote NO to deportation based only on suspected gang membership and NO on detaining immigrants in deportation proceedings indefinitely. Your voice made a difference!
May 8 Life Lessons from a Hmong Grandfather to His Granddaughter
Bao Lor

In celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPIH) Month, Bao shares with us the love and courage her grandfather had taught her.

Apr 25 Immigration Reform: Reducing Barriers to Naturalization for Older Immigrants
Doua Thor

The Senate recently introduced a bill on immigration reform. The bill is extensive, and covers many issues. Here, we wanted to highlight a few provisions on naturalization for older immigrants.

Mar 8 Fighting To Keep The Right To Vote
Bao Lor

On February 27th, a diverse group gathered in front of the Supreme Court to show their opposition to the elimination of section 5 of the Voting Rights Act (VRA).