Nov 22 Show Me California!
Riamsalio (Kao) Phetchareun

SEARAC is preparing to research financial literacy and behavior among Southeast Asian Americans in California. It’s an especially important issue that we hope to bring to light for advocates, decision-makers, and other stakeholders. We’ll be conducting focus groups to learn more about how Southeast Asian communities in California approach banking and finance. In addition to the focus groups, we’ll be posting up an online survey, as well as distributing the survey throughout California. Be on the lookout for the surveys and focus group announcements soon!

In preparation for my trip to California to do research on financial literacy and behavior, I wanted to see where the Southeast Asian Americans actually are. Literally, I wanted to see it on a map.

Sep 15 Thinking Critically: Current Population Survey 2010 Results & Southeast Asian Americans
Riamsalio (Kao) Phetchareun

This last Tuesday the US Census Bureau released its annual report “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2010.” The results are startling. According to the Census’ Current Population Survey (Table 4), roughly 27% of Blacks and Hispanics are below the poverty line, nearly double that of Whites. However, it appears that Asians have the lowest rate (12.1%) of poverty of the racial groups.

Feb 25 Racial and Ethnic Data Coming Your Way! (Just Not as Soon as You Think)
Riamsalio Kao Phetchareun

As the U.S. population becomes increasingly diverse, issues of racial and ethnic data (dis)aggregation and classification are ever more important to historically underrepresented communities, such as Southeast Asian Americans, who have long argued that only through data disaggregation can the true picture of our community be uncovered. For example, disaggregated data reveals that only 61.5% of Cambodian, 61.7% of Hmong, 62.5% of Laotian, and 70% of Vietnamese Americans aged 25 and over hold a high school degree or higher compared to 85.8% of the overall Asian American population (according to the American Community Survey, 2009 1-year estimates). Not quite the model minority that we are often assumed to be.

Dec 23 2010 Census Population Count Released! What the Data Means and What to Expect
Riamsalio Kao Phetchareun

Everyone talks about the Constitution and the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and freedom of religion, but I don’t think the right to be counted (via the U.S. decennial census) gets enough banter. Like all of our favorite Articles, the census is written into the constitution and has lasting political importance.