Dec 4 SEARAC 2012 Civic Engagement Efforts
Tong Thao

...true civic engagement does not start and end with election season, nor should civic engagement be reduced to the act of voting. The importance of staying active in the community, continually advocating for and on behalf of your community, your interest, your values, and your future are the core of being civically engaged...

Sep 25 Have You Registered to Vote Yet?

Today is National Voter Registration Day! The results of this year’s election will impact the policies affecting our diverse communities. Your vote and your voice is needed to elect lawmakers who will craft comprehensive policies that uplifts our communities, especially on issues like immigration, education, health care reforms, and Social Security.

Be part of this national civic engagement movement as we make sure the voices of Southeast Asian Americans are heard. Register to vote online here on our website! 

Dec 20 Congress Approves the Middle Class Tax Relief Act
Ivy Ngo

Last week, the House passed the Middle Class Tax Relief Act, a bill that would extend the Bush tax cuts for an additional two years. The House vote came one day after the Senate approved the $858 billion plan by a margin of 81 to 19. 139 Democrats and 138 Republicans voted in favor of the bill - one of the highest showings of Congressional bipartisan agreement since President Obama took office in 2009.

The bill itself can be considered a mixed bag, a combination of good and bad provisions.