Meet Vy Luu - Our Summer Intern from San Diego

Jul 28 Meet Vy Luu - Our Summer Intern from San Diego

Vy Luu

My name is Vy Luu and I am a Research Intern at SEARAC this summer! I am a rising senior studying Sociology at Stanford University.  I was born in Vietnam but moved to San Diego when I was seven, where my mom reunited with her family who had come to the US in the years following the Vietnam War. I’m the youngest of three children, and my family still calls me “Bé,” which means “Baby” in Vietnamese.

While working in DC last summer, I met Quyen and other Southeast Asian Americans who mentored me and looked out for me—something that I have never really found elsewhere. They helped me to understand my growing political consciousness and to connect my experiences of growing up as a poor Vietnamese immigrant to the larger Southeast Asian American narrative. In doing so, they affirmed that my experiences were valid and made me feel empowered to work towards equity for my family, friends, and community.

Their guidance was incredibly formative and made me want to come back to DC to work at SEARAC, which is why I am here now! At SEARAC, I am working on a research project that examines how Southeast Asian-serving community organizations have supported Southeast Asian American youth through youth programs. We are looking to identify best practices and promising models of youth programs for supporting our youth. It has been exciting to connect with community organizations throughout the US to learn about the amazing work they do for Southeast Asian Americans!

At Stanford, I am involved in various public service and social justice activities, such as the First Generation, Low Income Partnership (FLIP) and the Asian American Student Association (AASA). Through my involvement with FLIP, I have been working to increase awareness about the experiences of first-generation and/or low-income students at a wealthy institution where we are often marginalized. Most importantly, we have been working to make sure that Stanford is providing the institutional resources and support that allow us to thrive. In AASA, I lead the organizing for the annual “Listen to the Silence” conference—a conference aimed at increasing the visibility of Asian American issues and empowering participants to take direct action to improve their communities and work towards social justice. I am always looking to become involved with different communities on campus and thinking about how we can build coalition to work in solidarity with each other.

I consider myself a fairly boring person so I don’t have that many fun/interesting facts to share. I like to bake desserts, play video games, hike, and learn more about other people! My favorite dessert is cheesecake and one of my favorite video games is Golden Sun on the Gameboy. Please feel free to reach out if you ever want to talk! 


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