Meet Peng Xue - Our Summer Intern from Wisconsin

Jul 11 Meet Peng Xue - Our Summer Intern from Wisconsin

Peng Xue Vang

My name is Peng Xue Vang and this summer I am SEARAC’s Educational Policy intern.  I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and therefore I am obligated to love two things; the Green Bay Packers and cheese. I am a first-generation Hmong American college student and recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a double major in International Studies and Languages of Cultures of Asia and a certificate in Asian-American Studies. 

During my time at UW-Madison, I was involved in various organizations, most notably the Midwest Asian American Students Union (MAASU). I was a part of the 2015 MAASU Spring Planning Committee where my committee and I coordinated a conference focused on Asian American issues in our community. The 2015 conference brought over 1,000 students from across the nation to the UW-Madison campus, and provided a safe space and platform for many Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to share their experiences and learn from one another. As my time with the 2015 MAASU Planning Committee came to an end, I concluded that I wanted to further engage and support the AAPI community. I applied to be a part of the Executive Coordinating Committee (ECC) for MAASU and was elected to be the Co-Communications Chair of the 2015-2016 ECC for MAASU. As part of the ECC, my committee and I were responsible for maintaining communication across our member schools, providing educational and political resources for those who seek it, and creating a safe and inclusive community for all AAPI’s.

This summer in Washington, DC I am excited to learn from AAPI professionals and establish lifelong relationships with my intern cohort and colleagues. One field of work I would like to further explore is sports and athletic development for Asian American and Pacific Islander youth, and how we can use this as a means of advocating for our communities and a method to combat the racial economic, education, and social disparities that continue to exist in our communities.

Some fun facts about me!  I am an avid NBA fan, and love my hometown team the Milwaukee Bucks. I am a professional UNO player and last year was the manager of a (fantasy) football team, which took first place in my league.


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