A Call to Action from Southeast Asian American Community Groups Regarding Unjust Deportation and Detention Laws

Apr 25 A Call to Action from Southeast Asian American Community Groups Regarding Unjust Deportation and Detention Laws


Below is a snippet of a Call to Action from SEARAC and our fellow Southeast Asian American Community Groups. To view the full statement click here.


We call on our brothers and sisters all over the country to speak out to the White House, WHIAAPI, and members of the US Congress in solidarity against deportation of those who fall under the misused and politically exploited category of “Criminal Alien”, and advocate for Southeast Asian American families. We need to fight against the racist, classist, anti-immigrant, and anti-refugee sentiment that affects all of us. We cannot allow politics to deter us from our unity as human beings and make us sacrifice one community over another.

We call on communities who are faced with school-to-prison pipeline, juvenile and criminal justice, racial profiling and re-entry issues to stand with us in this fight, because these are our experiences too. We call on communities fighting for immigrant rights to stop using “criminal” vs. “non-criminal” language in the immigration debate, as it plays into a system of language that oppresses and simplifies our stories, and divides immigrant communities.

Cambodian Americans who pledged allegiance to the flag, and are then retroactively torn away from the arms of their families for crimes they have already been punished for – is a reality for us EVERYDAY. We call on our communities to stand up and fight for what is ours – our rights, our homes, our families, our dignity – and march with love in our hearts and our fists in the air! We will not be silenced!

Here are steps you can take to get involved:

  1. Organize a community screening of Studio Revolt’s My Asian Americana and Return to Sender in your home or other space. Discuss the issue and brainstorm how you can organize your community together.
 And continue to follow the work of Studio Revolt.
  2. Write a statement against unjust and retroactive deportation for past criminal convictions, the silencing of this issue, and ICE and DHS’s destructive policies that rip families apart. Send it to the White HouseWHIAAPI, and your US Congressional members. You can find out who they are at www.house.gov and www.senate.gov. Send us a copy and we’ll post your letters on One Love Movement’s website: contact@onelovemovement.com
  3. Become more educated on this issue and spread the tools to others. See Deported Diaspora’s Resources and Links, One Love’s Know The Issue, and Families For Freedom, Immigrant Defense Project, National Immigration Project and Detention Watch Network’s Community Organizing Manual Deportation 101.
  4. Join the SEARAC’s legislative visit database – commit to visiting your local and federal elected officials to engage them on this issue. For more info, email searac@searac.org.
  5. Read and share One Love’s Statement against the government’s use of the word “Criminal” to target our loved ones, and join our Mailing List to stay informed. And see PrYSM’s End Racial Profiling Campaign to learn how to organize against institutionalized oppression of law enforcement in your community.


One Love Movement, Pennsylvania
Providence Youth Student Movement, Rhode Island
Khmer Girls in Action, California
Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association, Louisiana
CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, New York
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center, Washington D.C.